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Allgäu Travel Guide is a travel guide website in German with many hundreds of articles. Follow this link to get an English translation with Google Translate. This translation is automated and therefore can create funny and sometimes misleading texts, sometimes proper names are translated, which makes no sense at all. But you'll get an idea of the region and its attractions and maybe some entertainment from it. The text on this page is the only one of this site originally written in English and I hope it is better than the autotranslated.


The Allgäu (or Allgaeu, as ae is a replacement for ä) is the southernmost part of Germany, bordering to and in the Alps. It stretches across two German states, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and also, depending on definition, into Austria. It is a holiday region in summer and in winter. Hiking, skiing, relaxing, swimming - the Allgäu offers a lot of leisure facilities. There are many lakes suitable for swimming. The Allgäu Alps, which to a large part extend into Austria, overlap, but are not identical with the region Allgäu.
On this site, you will find many interesting places in different categories, described with personal impressions. All locations can also be found on the map, all the names are in the glossary.

Getting along with English

Most people in Allgäu learned English in school, so in theory, almost everybody should speak at least a few basic words of English. Generally, many people will understand you in cities and in tourist regions. There could be problems communicating in English in very remote areas, but then, in some valleys deep in the mountains, it is also hard to communicate in High German.
As most tourists are still German or German speaking, international guests from around the world are now common and welcome, not only in touristic hot spots like Neuschwanstein.

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Allgäu Alps Allgäu Alps
In the Allgäu: View from Stoffelberg to the Allgäu Alps, Oberstdorf mountains with Nebelhorn, Schnippenkopf, Marchspitze, Rubihorn, Großer Krottenkopf, Öfnerspitze, Krottenspitze, Schattenberg, Fürschießer, Kratzer, Trettachspitze, Mädelegabel, Hochfrottspitze, Himmelschrofen, Bockkarkopf, Hohes Licht, Linkerskopf, Biberkopf and Mittag.

Ski flying hill in clouds
The ski flying hill above a sea of clouds, seen from Grünten. Sometimes the clouds are so low that even the lowest mountains overtop them (inversion).

Burgkirche Schöllang
Burgkirche Schöllang in front of the Rubihorn, seen from the Iller cycling route.

Rainbow over Willersalpe
A summer evening at Willersalpe.

View from Alpspitz
View from Alpspitz.

Sunset above Kempten, the biggest city in Allgäu.

Starry sky above Grünten
Starry sky above Grünten and Eschacher Weiher. The mountains in the background left of Grünten are Gaishorn and Rauhhorn, right Daumengruppe and Hornbach Chain. The bright glow to the right is from the cities Immenstadt and Sonthofen.

Sunrise at Hündeleskopfhütte
Sunrise at Hündeleskopfhütte.

Castle Neuschwanstein
Most famous is the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein.

Landscape at Oberstdorf
Landscape at Oberstdorf. Oil painting by J. May, first half 20th century.

Hellengerst before 1907
Around 1900 in Allgäu, a farmer in Hellengerst makes hay. Photo from "Die Allgäuer Alpen" by Max Förderreuther, Jos. Kösel'sche Buchhandlung, 1907.


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